I thank you and Blizzard should thank you!

I entered into World of Warcraft while waiting for Diablo III to launch. I played around with an Orc Warrior, Undead Warlock, Night Elf Rogue, Dwarf Hunter, and Gnome Priest. I enjoyed the game but was about to set it aside for the D3 May 15th launch. After poking around the web and trying different WoW addons, I eventually found Dugi Guides. Dugi has given WoW the little push it needed to keep me playing. The guides provide direction without taking all the fun out of the game. The interface is clean, integrates flawlessly with the WoW HUD, and it's easy to turnoff any unwanted settings... I have them all turned on. Support is exceptional, updates are frequent, and the Dugi community is patient and friendly.

I’m leveling at my own pace as I’m in no rush to hit the level cap. For me WoW is all about the the journey, not the destination. I purchased the Alliance Leveling Guide and I plan on adding to my collection of guides.

Please keep up the excellent work!

My name is Roger Killam, I'm a real person, and I love these guides.