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Thread: Diablo 3?

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    Thumbs up D3 guide.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dugi View Post
    How can we make a guide for a game that hasn't been released? we don't know what we're in for and have no experience in playing the full game.

    The Beta was extremely limited which only included a very small part of Act 1 which can be completed in under an hour.

    Zygor guide current "you pay now" and "we'll make the guide later" business model is not something that we want to do.

    From what I saw in beta the questing similar to Diablo 2 which is straight forward and you can't really provide guide for the quests in the game as almost everything is randomly generated.

    A lot of information offered by Zygor will also be available for free soon in the Diablo official website and many fan websites which will provide you better information.

    We want to be able to offer something that will give our players an edge with their gaming but we don't know how we can do that until we played the game extensively.

    My suggestion is wait until game the is released and play it first before you purchase any Diablo 3 guides.

    Also watch out for scam guides like diablo3secrets com , diablo3speed com
    I've been playing D3 since it dl'd to my computer and I have found it to be very similar to D2,and even D1. Very straightforward,with point a to b quests.Mostly,you get to kill swarms of zombies,which is the most fun for me.I did purchase the guide from amazon.
    I can't really think of what Dugi could do as far as a guide goes.But if he decides to do one,I will purchase it because Dugi rules.

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    And as far as "you pay now" and "we'll make the guide later" think of it this way. Blizzard had a pre-order for a game they were making, and people picked it up later, so it's not exactly a new practice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifogigo View Post
    I meant someone other than Zygor when I said another company. The company i'm talking about is not saying it's a pre-release like Zygor is saying, their saying it's a full release that you can already use.
    u talking about the gold video'ss from Mr. Kenins

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    If you mean the guy that does that wow auction house stuff? No, not him. The manaviewer one is the one I was talking about.

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