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Thread: coming back to Wow after 18 month absence

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    Question coming back to Wow after 18 month absence

    Hello everyone,

    thinking of coming back to Wow to try the upcoming expansion, being inactive for over 18 months
    i have a L85 character for most classes (missing mage and rogue)

    what does end-game look like at this time?
    what would be priority for my L85 characters (from now until expansion)?

    Look forward for any good feedback,



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    I think you should just have fun with it, definitely aim to do the Looking For Raid feature for Dragonsoul, and the latest 5 man Dungeons as they are a lot of fun and get really good gear.

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    If you plan on staying for a while, my first priority would be to find a nice guild.
    If leveling is a major part of your wow-experience, then find a social leveling guild to do some dungeons with and so on.
    Max out your professions! Professions often provide some nice gear in the beginning of a new expansion.

    Check out the Looking for Raid - i don't think it's worth investing too much time in normal or heroic raiding at this point, but you will still experience the content trough the LFR system. Gear is nice ofc, but most of it will be replaced when you level up.

    Try different characters to see if this is the time to try something else (remember that mounts and pets + some achievements will be bound to account, not the character, so you will be able to use all of your mounts and pets on all of your characters).
    This is also the perfect time to get some nice companion pets for the new Pet Battle system (aka. Pokemon 2.0) they implement in Mist!

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