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Thread: Dugi's guide on a private server.

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    Unhappy Dugi's guide on a private server.


    I've been fighting with the Dugi guide for about half an hour now, and I'm getting a bit frustrated... Does anyone know if the Dugi guide works on a private server that dates back to patch 2.4.3. (The Burning Crusade, in other words)? I've tried quite many things now, but nothing seems to work. I get error on login, when I click the little DG button, the tabs are blank, error on trying to change tabs... Anyone mind sharing some knowledge with me?

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    It can a few things that have happened to others in the past. You can try /dugi fix and then /dugi reset. You can also try to repair from installer or even delete the folder and reinstall the guide. I do not see why it should not work unless it is not compatable with older versions of the game. Not sure if that will help but hope it does. How can you set up your own server?

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    I tried those commands, all that happened was another error popup, also tried reinstalling... Didn't work. And I have no idea, it's not my server. But it's free.

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    Sorry private server is against blizzard policy and we will never support it.

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    I understand that. I sent a refund application already. But I promise you this, Dugi, if I ever end up on the official server, I'll give your guide another try.

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