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    Location of Orphan Matron Battlewail is now 58.0, 57,5. The guide appears to have her in the pre-Cataclysm location still.

    Also, Snixx Quickfreeze is now in the Goblin Slums at 38.8,87.0.

    Also, Alowicious Czervik is now at 53.3, 79.1 just outside the inn.
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    fixed thank you for reporting.

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    In the Outland part of the Children's Week guide, it says you can talk to Zephyr in the World's End Tavern (Shattrath) to teleport to the Caverns of Time. You appear to be only able to this if you are at least Honoured (or maybe Revered) with Keepers of Time.

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    One more In the Northrend guide it tells you to first do the Sholazar Basin prequests to choose a faction. There's no need to do this - I completed the Northrend quests without ever having been to Sholazar Basin or doing any of the Oracle/Frenzyheart quests.

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    Hey, Dugi! You may want to warn people to turn off your "auto quest accept" before doing the Wolver or Oracle line...I had my auto quest accept activated and when I spoke to the quest giver it automatically gave me the oracle I wanted to do the wolver and didn't realize this would happen.

    Just sayin'

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