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    Just wanted to shoot you a thanks pm. The last time I played WoW was way back in 2008, before battlenet, but left to try other MMOs. Well I came back this week, 4 years later, to find my accounts were hacked and was left with nothing. I ended up talking to Blizzard to get my accounts restored, but still had next to nothing. Blizz gave me the scroll of resurection to lev 80, green gear and 60 gold. It was nice of them, but nowhere near enough to make my character playable.

    So I decided to reroll a shadow priest, currently level 15, and started using your guide. I love it. It makes questing that much easier, and more efficient. I signed up for the full package, so I will use the dailies, and other guides when needed.

    Thanks again.

    Qerx (15 Shadow Priest) -US-Shadowmoon

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    I too just came back from a break but its wasn't close to 4 years, more around 8 months. But now that I started back up again about 2 weeks ago I cant see why I stopped in the first place, Dugi guides are amazing. So far I leveled a Gnome Priest to lvl 69 in 3 days and 1 Hour, no I cant stop playing. I cant see any reason why anybody should use any other guides.

    Its funny thou cause I paid for the annual pass about 5 months ago so I could get Diablo 3 for free, but I'm just now starting to play Wow now I'm regretting not playing earlier.

    Thanks Dugi!

    PS: I own all of Dugi's guides. ZimIsSpy - US - Moon Guard

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    I have rerolled again. Started a Goblin Mage on Saturday. Hit level 32 last night using Dugi's guide.

    Qurx - US - Shadowmoon

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