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    I know EQ is not as big as a market as WoW and some of the others. I know your company dugi isn't that big however I would like some sort of written guide of where the best level areas are to go in EQ and EQ2 as they both went F2p.

    I am posting this here as most people including zygors have accounts with each other. I also know what Zygors will say about having a guide for this game. It just EQ is old school and kind of something all gamers should try out just to see what one of the first MMORPG's was like.

    The idea would be like I said at what lvl with class/race where to go to solo well to get the best xp and plat with and without using hotzones as well as the best zones with good quest etc. Since grinding is more something you do in EQ which mobs are better and which mobs don't even try.

    The reason I am asking for this is I lost interest in WoW, and I will more then likely won't buy an upgrade for when MoP comes out for WoW. I am also asking cause you said maybe for a guide for rift as Zygors has said No.

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    Hi ctk,

    Right now we are busy with getting ready for MoP. We don't have the necessary resources to start another guide at this time. HOWEVER. I may take a look into EQ myself as it's been catching my attention recently. So you never know what might happen.

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    Highly unlikely we would ever touch Everquest or Rift, the market for it is too small.

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    True but I had to ask. You seemed to be more open to the idea before with Rift then what zygors said which was out right no.

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    Hmm some how my post is missing so I hope this doesn't spam or anything. Anyways. I had to try, to ask here. Since I asked about rifts before and you seemed to be more open to it then Zygors which was an out right No. At least you said maybe, anyways I may upgrade to MOP at least with you guys as my wife uses this guide. I have to say I have tried your guide to and its not bad to be honest. The dungeon guide is quite useful and the leveling guide is good.

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