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Thread: NobleGarden guide not available

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    Default NobleGarden guide not available


    Just reinstalled your guides 1.0.7

    The Holiday guide does not appear in the menu to be chosen.

    Just Darkmoon Faire is listed.


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    <sarcasm>Their not going to put it in, it's to difficult for them to provide the guide. After all, they would need to support it and that's just to hard to do. It would almost be like working.</sarcasm>

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    *ahem* right.. we're too lazy..

    We are actually hard at work working on the guide for Mists of Pandaria.
    But then you wouldn't know anything about that.

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    <sarcasm>Oh yes, it's really hard work playing a game. How could I have ever doubted you. Obviously no one has a harder job than that. And obviously I wouldn't know anything about hard work as the most difficult job is obviously yours.</sarcasm>

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    Fifogigo, who the hell do you think you are? Just because they don't put a guide in the game that contains only 2 quests and that the achievements are pretty self-explanatory, you call them lazy? You're the one who's lazy if you require a guide to complete this event, or perhaps ***.

    Have you ever done any programming? Are you aware of how many hours of coding is involved? Sure it's not hard PHYSICAL work, but it is hard MENTAL work involved in programming. I know cause I have a degree in C++ and Foxtrot (old programs).

    These guys have done an amazing job with these guides, and I understand why they don't waste time for something as simple as Noblegarden. Took me 3 hours and got all achievements and both quests done. Simple.
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    Closing thread.

    @fifogigo, If there is something you're not happy about please create your own thread and don't derail others.

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