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Thread: Waypoint arrow vanishes...

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    Default Waypoint arrow vanishes...

    Upon logging out and back in, reloading the UI, or anything similar the waypoint arrow forgets the last waypoint and fails to show, unchecking/rechecking past step in the guide causes arrow to come back. Seems the arrow does not store the past waypoint. TomTom does not have this issue, but I would much rather not have to use an outside addon.

    Could this be looked into for fixing?


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    That's why we created the green button on the step.

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    Took me a long time to figure that out, but it works pretty well.

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    Button or not could the last waypoint not be saved and loaded via LUA? Don't think that would be hard to do, and would fix this issue.

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    We will look into it more after MoP is released.

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