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    Default Pandaria and add ons

    Several add on web sites are confirming that when Pandaria comes out WOW is not allowing any add ons--how way you ????

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    there is no add on button in Beta--sentence above comment should be

    How say you ??????

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    This is normal, addon will be enabled later on in the beta.

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    Don't forget, beta does not necessarily mean it's the final 100% fully functional code. Beta's are in fact for testing, tracking down, and fixing bugs AKA this is not being released tomorrow.

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    And it's next to impossible to track down bugs if any addons are enabled. You know, if you're having a problem with the game, the first thing they do is tell you to turn off all your addons. So in a beta, they're not permitted. It's pretty logical.

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    It is with great sadness that I have to make this announcement. I’ve found out why we haven’t been given any beta keys to give away to authors yet. They have decided that, going forward, they will no longer allow AddOns in World of Warcraft. As of 5.0 (Mists of Pandaria), AddOns won’t work. They said it was a combination of factors that has finally led them to this decision. They feel that there is too much time spent by their support staff due to bugs caused by AddOns being out of date, conflicting with each other, etc. As well, they are (in my words, not theirs) ‘tired of having to deal with all the complaints that AddOns give unfair advantage, they make the game unbalanced’ and so on.

    We started to get the feeling that there was something going on when we got to see the Beta during the Press Conference and discovered that the AddOns button was no longer on the Character Select screen. In previous betas the button has remained, it was just disabled. We had also been hearing some rumbles before then that had us wondering, but we didn't know for sure. We were finally able to get them to confirm no more AddOns during the Press Conference.

    What say you ??

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    This was an April Fool's joke from WoW Interface (
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    /me slaps thinshaw around a bit with a large trout

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    I am in the Beta Testing "Pandaria". I really am enjoying it. I wish there was a way for the Dugi Guide to be installed on it so that I can level my character up and go forward faster.
    But I have a plan.... I have on one screen (I have 2 monitors) my regular Wow, with a toon displaying the leveling Dugi guide for my Pandarian once she gets to Ogrimar (Horde) or Stormwind (Alliance). I know it's a bit time consuming, but I love my Dugi guides =) and miss not having them with me when I play.
    So that's how I can do Dugi guide with Pandaria *big grin

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