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Thread: Dugi Guides and Sexymap

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    Default Dugi Guides and Sexymap

    I think this is the right area for this topic, If not sorry/

    I was wondering if you'll and the makers of sexymap addon are working together to solve the issues that cause the addons not to work together? I love Dugi Guides and have chosen them over sexymap. But I would love to see the two addons working together.

    I am also sending an email to the makers of sexymap with the same suggestions.

    thanks for your great addon and products, looking forward to more with MOP coming out

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    never mind i just found out that the author of Sexymap has not been updating it for over a year.

    thanks anyway and keep up the great products

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    What is it that you would like each addon to do?

    Dugi Guides to handle the Quest Watch frame and SexyMap to do the Minimap?

    This can be done if SexyMap seperate their Watch Frame code as seperate module so user can choose not to load it.

    I'm not exactly sure why SexyMap fiddles around with the Watch Frame as I think most people only want to us the Minimap part of the addon.

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    I too am having issues and the issue I have while using sexymap is with the minimap itself. While Dugi Guides is turned on, if I go mouse over the minimap, nothing shows up and I can't what nodes are showing or player names. And the addon minimap buttons wont show up unless I mouse over the location name of the minimap. Any advice as to if there is a fix for this or if one is being worked on. Thanks.

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