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Thread: Wow Hangs when turning DGV on and off via button

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    Default Wow Hangs when turning DGV on and off via button

    After using the On/Off Button to turn DGV off, when turning it back on, DGV does not immediately start back up. Instead the button turns red, and then I have to click on it again. After the second click, the game completely freezes for about 5-10 seconds before DGV finally starts.

    Other Information:
    Running DGV version 5.5150 (latest as of this post) - manually installed.
    No other addons installed
    Deleted /Cache and /data/cache
    Deleted /wtf and /interface before installing DGV
    Same result with both x32 and x64 clients
    Reset all user options to out-of-box

    I can't think of anything else to isolate short of completely redownloading a fresh client.
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    It does take a bit of memory resource when going from Silver to Gold but it should only be a short 1 sec lag, but if you have tons of other addons loaded it can affect the performance.

    Try going to Dugi Guide Settings > Memory > tick Unload Modules

    This way you the addon will /reload wow when going back to Gold mode, which is a better way of doing it if your computer freeze for too long.

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