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Thread: Target for tiny treasure chest farming?

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    Default Target for tiny treasure chest farming?

    To begin with, I'm a recent 85 - I followed Dugi's gold guide, but my success has been relatively limited so far with enchanting (currently 525). I'm in a high population server (well over 40,000 items listed; sometimes more than double that), which has made making money hard with disenchanting. Often items are bought before you can finish scanning for them with auctioneer in the AH. The raiding scene though on this server is very good. Making money with enchanting (selling enchants) is also very hard - undercutting is very aggressive and there's probably no realistic way to achieve any dominance.

    So I figured at least for now, I'm going to try to aim for tiny chest farming. I don't know how well I am doing though. Roughly how many chests should I be aiming for per hour? The video said 30 to 40, although I don't know what items Dugi has (ex: raid gear, just turned 85 greens, etc). It also probably varies by class. I imagine casters are at a distinct disadvantage - not durable like warriors nor do they have the pets that rangers have.
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    As a decently geared Paladin, I was getting 20-30 chests per hour..
    As a Tier 13 Heroic geared class, you should be getting about 40-60 per hour, depending where you farm.

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    I currently farm in Deepholm at Stonehearth. I had issues keeping my char alive in Uldum at Maker's Ascent - can't handle the elite and the 9 adds; tried sheeping but still not enough dps and durability.

    Getting around 20 - 25 an hour right now in 384 gear.

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    Gear is ofc important, but only to some extend.
    If you are AoE spec'ed and buffed up etc. you shouldn't spend much time killing the mobs, compared to the time it takes to loot.
    Make sure you create the perfect rotation for killing a group of mobs (should always be 4-5+), having to improvise is never the most effective option!
    I did the contest as Ele shaman and managed to get 47 as my highest. You can't expect to get 50-60 every attempt, especially not if you aren't end-game geared.
    You should be able to get at least 40 an hour with your gear, and as you practice you'll prob. hit even more.

    Being on a high-populated server is not as bad as you might think. You do have a few more people selling the same item as you, but the demand in the other end will be just as high. Don't try to dominate a market on a server like yours, that will never happen.
    Now i don't know how experienced you are with the AH, but if raiding is good on your server, take that to your advantage! Most of the active raiders are raiding on reset-day (Tuesday in the US and Wednesday in EU). This means that a lot of players will loot new gear and the demand for new enchants will increase. Try to sell your enchants and mats when most guilds stops raiding (23:00 ST on most servers), the demand and prices will be higher at this point. You can also make a fortune by selling flasks and foodbuffs just before raid start (prob. around 18-20 ST).
    More people have time to farm mats in the weekends, which increases the supply and often lowers the prices. If you are looking some good investments consider spending time at the AH Saturday/Sunday buying, and Tuesday/Wednesday or Wednesday/Thursday selling. I've made tons of gold this way, and i'm sure you can too


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    Good post.

    I never thought about that - more gear for when the server resets - I am on a US server; very intensive raiding, not as much PvP.

    1. It might be a good time to warehouse other consumables as well; namely anything used for raiding
    2. Jewel prices may go down due to the rewards of raiding? Need to check undermine journal.

    That said, there are benefits to being on a high population server - turnover for many items, trade goods and consumables especially is rapid (sometimes minutes).

    I'll have to try again with the Tiny Treasure Chests. I should mention that I am now in 392 gear, so it's getting there slowly.

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    It looks like I can take on Schnottz's forces, although I end up taking heavy damage and have to eat each time. Still working on better CC.

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