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    I love the gold guide, the only thing I wish in it was how start a new banker from level 1 with no gold.

    best place to have a mule, how to get started with zero gold.

    William sims

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    I calways found that is stating a new server make a Deathknight.. Once your out of the starting zone your close to level 60 with gold in some bags. And my banks are in SW for Allaince and Org for the Horde. Now my first Server and first time playingit was a mage. He sells portals too.

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    SW and Org are naturals for centering your bank toon since that's where all the action is, though secondary cities can be easier to deal with if you have lag issues (Ironforge and Undercity are pretty well abandoned most of the time, and have fine and convenient auction and banking facilities so they make a great 2nd choice).

    To start out at level 1 wtih zero gold and no high level toon to feed him money, pick up 2 farming professions (herbing and mining are my favorites, since skinning is too much work, but if you want to kill stuff and level up a little bit, skinning works quite nicely). Farm all the low level stuff you can and stick it on the auction house to get your seed money. Stacks of copper ore aren't worth a lot, but they do sell all the time, so you'll definitely make something on them, and quickly. You probably want to get your character up to level 10 at least, since then you can use the Remote Auction House with him, and that opens up some flight paths for you. But that shouldn't take more than 2 hours with Dugi's Guide, and you can farm along the way so your bags will be full of money-producing materials once you pull into the city.

    Then start off buying limited access items from vendors and recipes (recipes that will only spawn 1 copy, and then it takes a while to respawn) with your seed money, and mark them up. Use the Dugi Guide vendor runs for ideas. This works best if you have a high level character to make the runs and send the recipes and goods to your mule, but the mule can do a lot with just the capital cities if need be, without risking his neck in the Hinterlands or something. If you can get a guildie or an accommodating mage to take you to Dalaran, even better. Once you are making money off that, start heading into pets, which can cost more but can be very rewarding (and will be even more so once Pokepanda hits). That should get you going.

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    Here is what I do, I start a toon, get them to lvl and get fishing and pole. Then I fish to 75, then sell all junk and fish I catch, the hit the ah and after doing my scans I only look for things below vendor cost. I even bid on items below vendor. I started a bank toon 2 weeks ago and I am already up to 100 gold with 52 items I still have bids on. If I get cloth, herbs or ore I stack it and sell it

    I guess it depends on your server which side you play. Just wish the new dugis Gold Guides would add a video about this as well


    william sims aka Zoes

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    I have just created a new character on a new server for fun. I wanted to see how much gold I could earn without professions and leveling. I do not have dugi's gold guide so I am doing this from what I have learned from playing WOW for a few years.

    Day1 - level my character to level 5 and make my way to stormwind. Scan the AH using auctionator and auctioneer. Sell my weapon and armor for a little seed silver. I bought a vendor recipe and sold that for 2g.

    Day 2 - Scan the AH again and bought anything that I could sell to a vendor for a profit. After a few trips to the vendor I had 10g. I then purchased some linen cloth and some copper ore, someone had listed 2 stacks of linen cloth for 2c each and 3 stacks of copper ore for 10c. I got lucky, after selling these I think I had around 25g - 30g.

    I repeated the above steps for a further 2 days buying anything which auctioneer could see was selling well but only buying if I could make at least 10s per item. I continued to buy anything which I could sell to a vendor for a profit. By the end of day 4 I have 165g.

    I was only at the AH for about 10 minutes a a day. The above does not always work, on another server I have only managed 50g in the same time frame.

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    I liking the leveling guide but i just not sure if this guide would be worth the 50 bucks. If it was $30 id buy it not doubt

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