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Thread: only works for my under 20 characters

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    Angry only works for my under 20 characters

    I've tried downloading and installing this several times, but it only works for my 2 under 20 characters, and not for my 20+. For the higher ones I get a 'no guides loaded' bar, which says to right click on it, but nothing happens.

    I clicked 'settings' and signed in, so it should have loaded my paid version. This is entirely too complicated and time consuming for a $50 guide. If it were a free addon, I might not be so pissed, but it's not, so it should be foolproof, hell, most of the free ones I use are. Please help.

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    You didn't mention it but just to be safe, are you by any chance using Curse Client updater? if yes, make sure you set it to ignore Dugi Guides addon in the curse client, or else you will only get the free version without the paid guides. Only use Dugi's updater for the paid guides.

    From the FAQ:

    Follow the instruction below if you have already installed the trial 1-20 guides and need to install your paid guides.

    1. Load Dugi Guides installer available in the download page
    2. Click on the Settings button
    3. Enter your username and password
    4. Click the Ok button and your paid guides should be listed in the 'Account' window on the left hand side of the installer.
    5. Make sure WoW is closed and click the Repair button to reinstall Dugi Guides and your paid guides
    If it still doesn't work, then I'd contact support. As a temporary solution, I've written a manual install guide that may help you untill you get it sorted out
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