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Thread: A long would it take to level? 60 to 85

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    Default A long would it take to level? 60 to 85

    I just hit 60. I have boa helm, shoulders, back, and 2h ax and am in a level 25 guild. I'm leveling with hard mode. How many hours should it take me? I hope to be 85 by the weekend.

    Edit: "How long" not "A long" lol
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    It mainly depends on your playing style of playing. It is different for everyone. It is really hard to say how many hours it will take and also for some of those quests that depend on how fast the item(s) are dropped from the mob. But I did lvl a toon from 1 - 85 in a little over 5 days which I did post here. But someone else just recently just lvled thier toon from 1 - 85 in a little over 3 days. Same guide, same game, but different playing styles.

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    depends how many hors your willing to put in... if you plan on not sleeping at all, then it would take you about 3 days /played time..
    basically you need to log about 72 hours of game time.

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    I currently have 8 85s, 1 80, and 1 75 and like the previous posters stated it really depends on how you play. I know dugi's guide states that questing is the fastest way to lv which in some cases it is but blizzard did fix the queue timers which you can lv pretty fast with boa gear in a dungeon. Also don't rush it, this game can and will burn you out if you're a hardcore player...I used to get sick alot because I would spend 18 hrs on the game a day plus rushing lving will deny you of some pretty fun aspects of the game! If you insist on speed lving though I hit 85 from a fresh toon in 4 days played on average just depending on if I decide to lv profs or not at 75 I think gunning for it though i clocked in at about 3 days 21 hrs can't remember

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    Well guys I just got to 74 lol.. yeah so it'll take me awhile. Don't want to burn myself out as you said rmd1983. I'll get to 85 eventually.

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