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    Default How to Use Guide?

    Is there a guide on how to use the Achievement guide?

    I want to say there's a lot of achievements missing, but I'm not sure if they're actually missing or if I'm not looking in the right locations.

    For instance, the Achievement to kill the specific mobs in Sethrias Roost.

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    The guide you are looking for is Veteran of the Molten Front Meta achievement guide. This guide goes over all the achievements needed for Veteran of the Molten Front Title and it is used in conjunction with the Molten Front Dailies Guide, as some of the achievements are only possible if the daily is available.

    As far as the other Achievements, some of them are located together in one guide, (Cooking or Fishing Titles), and others are single Achievement guides (Higher Learning).

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    Awesome thanks for clearing that up

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    Lol I lied... I'm still not quite sure how to find it... it gets down to quite a few levels and quite confusing...

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