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    Hey Dugi,
    I just wanted to say what an outstanding resource your Gold Guide video series is. I am a casual player, approximately 2 nights a week and occasionally some weekend time too, and have been playing since Wrath. I have always used the traditional way to make gold like mining, skinning, dailies, etc to make gold and thought I was doing OK. I just accepted that I had to do it to get the basic enchants, mounts, flying licenses and so on. It wasn't until I saw your free videos describing the WoW economy and "wages" that I realized how bad I was. I absolutely love your other guides, so I took the chance on your Gold Guide package, and I admit I was a little skeptical. Once I got the videos, I sat and watched them and began doing what they said.

    I have been leveling an enchanter/JC (skill level 375 each) and decided to try your advice with that toon. I started with 525 gold and headed to the AH. Doing EXACTLY what you said in your videos (it took about 20 minutes to set up my addon) with your advised settings, within 36 hours I had already gotten ALL 525 GOLD back in my pockets PLUS 126 GOLD profit. Not only that, I still have about half of the stuff I bought still on the AH that will bring in more money.

    I honestly could not believe how simple and effective the advice was. I feel like my eyes have been opened.

    Thank you

    PS. I will try to update this post in a week or so with how much gold I have made.
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    Reselling is fun, especially when you make good profit

    I don't think its mentioned in the videos but keep in mind that auctioneers prices are not accurate before you have done daily scans for about a week or more.

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    I now have 3600+ gold, and approximately 265 auctions up in AH. All in less than 3 days.

    This has given me so much time to do other things like LFR's or randoms on my other toons.

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    It's been a week and the rough math is that my toon with a grand net worth of 525 gold is now worth in excess of 10,000 gold. I have leveled up my enchanting and JC from 350ish to 425 with out any outside help. I'm about to buy my 4k flight license, and then I'll level up to 75 to max my enchanting/JC to 525. It has worked so well I've already made a bank alt, and hopefully I can a guild bank going in the next week or so.

    Thanks Dugi, this was definitely helpful for me and now I look at the AH in a totally different way, ie. informed.

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