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Thread: Curse Client - Dugi Questing Essential??

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    Default Curse Client - Dugi Questing Essential??

    First, I couldn't figure out which forum to post this in, so I picked this one...if its not right, please move it.

    I logged onto Curse Client and there is a "Dugi Questing Essential" with a status of "new version available" I supposed to update this in curse? what is it?

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    No this is just the free addon without the paid guides. I suggest you chose "ignore", so it won't be updated. Especially if you're a premium curse customer, since all the addons gets updated at once. Curse client will ignore future versions from Dugi Essentials.

    Get the newest version from ultimatewowguide from "my account" or via the automatic updater.

    The version from curse client WILL overwrite your version including your guides, so you'd have to do a reinstall of the guides.

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