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Thread: Aerial Survailance - Sholazar Basin Quest

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    Default Aerial Survailance - Sholazar Basin Quest

    I am level 76 on my DK 2 1/2 bars to 77. I am stuck on a chain of quests that I cannot access yet. Early on level on at level 76 there is a step to accept Aerial Survailance but I was not able to because it was grayed out. I skipped it at the time and figured at some point it would be available to me. I am at double XP so I am moving pretty fast from at this point. I have only 28% of 76-77 completed but since I could not accept Aerial Survailance I can't accept any of the quests from Pilot Vic from Rivers Heart. Not sure of the importance of those quests. I am skipping them and moving on since I will be 77 soon and can probably move on from Sholazar Basin

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    iirc that quest series ends with you getting the flight point there at nesingwary(sp)

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