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Thread: Auctioneer vs TradeSkillMaster for Gold Guide

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    Default Auctioneer vs TradeSkillMaster for Gold Guide

    What is the advantages and disadvantages for both in regards to the gold guide? They both seem to be very similar and TradeSkillMaster has modules that cover some of the other suggested add-ons. For example their mailing module does everything postal does and more.

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    There is no resale search in TSM and there probably never will since it doesn't story information on individual auctions. I know that real time search has previously been suggested to the TSM authors and hopefully it will come.

    If you want to resell with TSM you are stuck with Dealfinder or Shopping Lists.

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    Actually I have just incorporated TSM into my auctioneer resale routine. I find posting with TSM much easier as soon as categories and groups are set up. So I made groups for the items I bought with auctioneer. Fallback and Threshold prices are both based on auctioneer market value. I set them to post between 50%-150%. I only buy items for reselling with at least 60% discount so even worst case I should make a profit.

    The categories I made are based on stack size: "Stacks of 1", "Stacks of 5", etc.

    In case you have not made posting categories and groups before here is an introduction:

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