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    Hi Dugi,

    I just dinged my 5th Lvl85 with many thanks to your great guide

    This alt I purposely chose to be a Jewel-Crafter: now I'm doing the dailies for the profession and wished to return to some of the old factions to rep grind to get recipes to complete the recipe list (just for completion of the profession) when I noticed your guides don't incorporate a faction rep grind for all the factions!

    I know some people within the forum has touched on this subject, but no one has actually suggested it as far as I can tell (but would be willing to bet you have thought about it lol).

    I understand this may require a lot of work and a lot has already been completed within the achievments guide. I'm sure this will help the guide be even more comprehensive and awesome (which it already is :P ) but will go a long way to helpping get faction specific items and recpies etc which require a reputation requirement to buy them.

    I know there is elements within the acheivement guide already that covers some faction, but others like ravenholdt, or shattered suns offensive on Isle of Quel'danas (which is missing all the dallies at level 70) would be great and also help towards acheivements like "Insane in the Membrane" and "40 exhalted reputations".

    Yours Faithfully
    Thank you for your great guides :P
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