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Thread: Get exalted with any Wrath Faction for less than 1300 Justice Points

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    Default Get exalted with any Wrath Faction for less than 1300 Justice Points

    I'm not sure if this has been posted before, I searched and didn't find anything, so I figured I would make one.)

    Late in Wrath, you could purchase Commendation Badges for five of the neutral factions with rep rewards with Emblems of Triumph. These Commendation Badges were introduced to help gear up alts, and they were a godsend for getting shoulder and helm enchants.

    These commendations are:

    Argent Crusade Commendation Badge
    Ebon Blade Commendation Badge
    Kirin Tor Commendation Badge
    Sons of Hodir Commendation Badge
    Wyrmrest Commendation Badge

    Each one of these grants 520 reputation for the appropriate faction, up from the original 250. Humans get 10% more, so 572 for Diplomacy. (Pilgrim’s Bounty has a buff which can give you an additional 10%. Yes, it stacks with Diplomacy.)

    When these Commendations were available for Emblems of Triumph, they were only available by running Northrend dungeons. But since the Emblem system was removed and replaced with Justice Points, these are now cheap.

    How cheap? Each Commendation is 16 Justice Points.

    That’s dirt cheap.

    Neutral to Exalted for any faction is 42,000 reputation points:

    Neutral to Friendly: 3,000
    Friendly to Honored: 6,000
    Honored to Revered: 12,000
    Revered to Exalted: 21,000

    Since each Commendation rewards 520, you’ll need 81 of ‘em, which will in turn cost you 1296 Justice Points.
    *Quoted from*

    You can buy these in Dalaran from Arcanist Miluria for Alliance and Magastrix Vesara for Horde.

    If you leveled in Northrend you should be at least honored with most of the factions, making It even cheaper.

    Also, you must complete the Hodir quest chain in Storm Peaks in order to start using the commendation. You can use commendations without it, but you would start at 36000/36000 of hated.

    Hope you guys find this helpful!

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    thanks for that, an easy way to get the Red Drake from Wyrmrest Accord or Mammoth from Sons of Hodir.

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    Thanks for this tip Dtro! I had some JP and I did it, now enjoying the Red Drake .

    I had to do the Sons of Hodir quest line to unlock the quartermaster, because I chose Icecrown instead of Storm Peaks to level. Since there is not Sons of Hodir rep guide (probably because those quests are already into the Storm Peaks guide) I did went to wowhead and looked to the comments, there was a very helpful list of the quests for the SoH rep. I enabled the Guide in its Essential mode and questing was really really smooth, the ~30 quests involved were done in less than 1 hour and I had a good time.

    If you don't have unlocked the SoH rep I suggest waiting before using the badges, because in this way you will avoid Hated-Hostile-Unfriendly phases and you will save lots of JP.

    Now I need to work with the Gold Academy videos to get 7k gold for the big Mammooth!

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    There is a Sons of Hodir rep guide with the Dailies & Events guide.

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    Awesome! Will definitely do this for the if only I could find a cheap way to get that darn Fox Kit then i'd be happy

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