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Thread: Problem with quest watcher

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    Default Problem with quest watcher

    i have been having a problem with the quest watcher frame recently and is getting quite annoying. The quest watcher frame seems to always reset it's position when i log off of my characters and goes back to the default position which is right over where my right action bars are and makes them unclickable even when i am not tracking any quest. whenever i try to move it to the spot i want it to stay after i log out it goes back to it's default position. then when i try to lock it all it does is locks itself in the default position. Is there any way that i could turn it off completely or get it to click-through or possibly make it smaller? it's most annoying when i log in because i can't even see the frame or the x and i won't realize it's there until i try to click my mount or something else. if you need more information about it let me know.

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    I have seen this issue when Dugi's conflicts with another addon that can move the quest tracker, to test this try turning off your other addons to see if Dugi's works as intended.

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    I have this same problem. I would like to defeat the quest watcher in DGV because I use a combination of KGPanels and Chinchilla to style and position it where I want. DGV keeps resetting the position of the watchframe.

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    I have the same problem, but on some characters the frame doesn't move while on others it resets every time I log.

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    I though this issue was resolved, if you're still having problems can you provide details and steps as to why its not working for you.

    screenshot would be very helpful aswell.

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    I have done some more investigating and it seems to be a conflict between elvui and dugiguidesviewer. I can turn one off and then the watch frame stays, but when I turn both on the fame goes moves from where I want it. attached is a photo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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