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Thread: in game / commands?

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    Cool in game / commands?

    my add ons are listed in teh add on list but not sholwing up ingame. is there a way to "turn them on"?

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    ok i figured out where to find it in the interface panel...add ons etc. however when i click it the guide box comes up empty...there arent any guides listed that i can pick from. please help me

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    go to Game Menu > Interface > Addons > Dugi's Guide and make sure all the options are ticked.

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    i deleted everything and redownloaded it all. all the boxes are checked the load out of date add ons boxed is still isnt working. i dont know what else to do. also can you make a tab for the downloads it took me forever to find out where to download it again. maybe its just me not know where to look for it.

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