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    Default Recipe/Farming Locations

    Love the guides and am fairly happy with the profession ones with farming.

    How about expanding it and/or adding a feature similiar to the pets and mounts guide where you could search for recipes and material locations?

    Would be really useful to find that missing set piece or where to find the more obscure mats for a particular item.

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    Hi Nirnaeth.

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    Here at Ultimate WoW Guide, we take suggestions under serious consideration.
    In response to yours, however, I am sure that this is something that we can work on, however it is not on our priority list.
    Our goal here is to help level you character and professions at the fastest rate possible. And all recipes and mats at level 85 are easily obtainable except the world drops that are located in Firelands and Dragon Soul.

    I hope this answers your post.
    If not, would you care to please elaborate on the suggestion at hand?
    I may not have read it correctly.

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    Hi Soleina,

    I think nirnaeth was asking for an an addon to the guides to incorparate some form of feature that allows the player to find non combat pets, mounts, and maybe an professions recipe list which may include grinding mats.

    There already is a companions/mounts/tabards/and titles feature already within the guides located in the acheivement section. But there isn't anything for the professions recipes list. (currently i believe most use addons like recipe radar &/or ackis recipe list. to find vendors and location of mobs which drop recipes).

    hope that helps


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    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for trying to clarify the situation, but I knew exactly what the OP meant, and it is not something on our priority list at the moment, although we may work on something like that in the future.

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