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Thread: Lunar Festival Guide Suggestion and Bug Note.

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    Default Lunar Festival Guide Suggestion and Bug Note.

    I am doing the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdom achievement runs as a level 60 and 61 characters. Problem is that how the guide is currently structured it assumes I'm doing the the Horde, Dungeon, and Cataclysm achievements too. I understand that has to do with efficiency and not being able to have multiple guides active at the same time.

    My suggestion is to have an item at the beginning of each guide that if crossed out will eliminate the other overlapping achievement runs. So an item for Horde, another for Dungeon, and one for cataclysm.

    On the bug note I've noticed if I cross out certain dungeon elders the guide it also crosses out not dungeon elders. The one that sticks in my mind is the elder in the sunken temple.

    One editorial update, elder Hammershout is not in the park but the text still says he is.
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