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Thread: Leatherworking/Skinning with Farming

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    Default Leatherworking/Skinning with Farming

    Hi Dugi, while doing your guide to upgrade my leatherwork when i had to go to farm knothide leather you said to goto
    Netherstorm in your guide to farm this leather which is quite correct you can go there to do that BUT as a tip there is a better place to do this ....Before i Skilled up my leatherwork i had top skinning at the time and just sold mats on the auction house and found the best place to farm Knothide leather is Shadowmoon valley in the Magma Fields!!!
    Skin all Felboar, Felfire Diemetradon and any Vilewing Chimera flying about if you have ranged ability more so the first two though ....Funnily enough while i was low leatherwork but top skinning i would say the drop rate was like 95% but after i got past 300 or so with leatherwork the drop rate was 100% since i farmed over 420 mats and not one scrap
    dropped [ oh also these creatures respawn rate is excellent if you start at one part by the time you get to the end they have respawned again at the start ] also its a bit safer to work in shadowmoon valley than Netherstorm since there is more mobs up there ......Okay i hope this has helped and maybe would be good to implement into your guides at some point do keep up the great work i just love the guides ....maybe just one gripe i hate this new button system
    that keeps reloading the UI cant we just have an ON - OFF button like before ? and add something into a menu inside the guide for reloading or something like that

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    Thank you very much for the tip stubbs, we'll take a look at this.

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