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Thread: can anyone help im disabled fron the neck down

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    Default can anyone help im disabled fron the neck down

    just wondering if anybody is able to help im disabled from the neck down and need assistance playing wow. i have to have someone help me because i can not right click with my equipment which is a headmaster plus it will only left click. when i am in raids and dungeons i get kicked a lot this is due to my reaction time clicking on shot icons as i have to direct the pointer with my head and then click through a suck puff switch. any help would be much appreciated thanxs in advance

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    I'm sorry to hear about your situation, its amazing that you're still able to do so much with a computer but I'm not exactly sure what we can do to help.

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    Default can be set up to most things the computer can do by vocal commands. This may give you the ability to keep up. I'm no expert, it's just something that had caught my eye. Best of luck to you.

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