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Thread: Rare pet guide??

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    Default Rare pet guide??

    Was wondering if possible if a Rare pet guide could be made somehow like were they appear and what time and how to catch them this would great thanks

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    Ummm, what do you mean by what time they appear and how to catch them? Currently, pets are obtained from purchase, quests, and drops from bosses and such during special events. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think what you're asking for does not exist. In Mists of Pandaria there will be a Pokemon-styled pet battling system. This is not relevant now, and pets will still be obtained the same way they are now. Maybe I am just interpreting your question incorrectly. Tell me if that is not what you are asking for


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    There are in fact rare pets that you can find, and they ARE in the companion guide, however, the spawn times change. Some of these pets have a spawn time of 3 hours with a despawn tome of 2 minutes. Other pets are dependent on weather conditions.
    In Mists of Pandaria, there will be pets that have a range of requirements, such as : Golden Rabbit can only be found in Ashenvale in the Spring, at night, during a rain storm.. in this situation, it may be available during 3 particular rainstorms in all of spring.

    There's no set way of determining a set pattern for rare pets.. it changes randomly.

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    go watch youtube videos like I do, search youtube for wow rare pet and watch the video and find your pet

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    I would go to Warcraft Pets to find the pet you are looking for and use the links to Wowhead for particulars. It has been very helpful in getting the more rare pets. Also don't forget all the holidays. There are pets for each of them throughout the year

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