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    The actioneer is for me one big mess
    Scanning takes ages.. and i dont see a window for it..
    I see something in the background..
    He is scanning 1.80-2.2 actionions / second
    Estimated time 2 h and 4 minutes (after 4 minutes scanning).
    Hopeless for me...
    Am I the only one with this problem?

    Because that scanner take so long i dont have any results till now since update (:

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    Moved to Achievements, Gold & Profession forum. Auctioneer isn't created or maintained by Dugi, posting in the bug report forum is kinda pointless

    A message from the developer of Auctioneer:

    If you are having trouble scanning, or have a question about scanning, this is almost certainly the thread you want. link: Auctioneer scanning woes and what we're doing to minimize them.
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    Auctioneer was busted by 4.3. There is a (mostly) working beta available for download if you go to their main site at but it's not available through Curse or the other usual outlets yet.

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