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    Has anyone had an Issue with Auctioneer addon from Curse ? I do not know if its a Dugi Guide issue or not. I have never had an issue with Auctioneer till just now after the latest patch by wow and I have uninstalled it and installed it and when I click on the auction House I just get all red ? marks going down the item list and the words are over writing each other and get some sort of bean counter error message. I ending up uninstalling it and installed Auction Master which although has less bells and whistles seems to work. Ant help or Info from Memebers or Staff would be appreciated.

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    auctioneer is having problems since the patch they are working on it. if i remember right if you go to there site i think they have a beta that is working till they fix the origanal. i use auctionator myself

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    Moved thread to Achievements, Gold & Profession, since bug reporting is reserved for Dugi Guides addons

    A word from the admin on auctioneer forum:


    Since folks are missing the posts we have been making on our/curse/wowi forums, just wanted to put up a note that, yes, a working version of the entire Suite will be up as soon as we are able to finish with some coding tidbits and testing.

    We are making strides to getting things up to speed with the lovely changes Blizzard made between what was on the PTR and what went live. We had a tiny bit of time to get some things fixed, but when the patch went live, there were some really big changes affecting the AH.

    The Beta/Preview, 5.13, from http://AuctioneerAddOn.Com/dl/#preview , has the current changes included, so be sure to check that one out - it should scan and all, but there may be issues, yet, remaining. Please be patient.
    *Be sure to read and follow http://Wiki.Norganna.Org/Installing to help ensure you have the old cruft cleared out, too.

    Happy Sales,

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    Thanks I wasnt sure where the bug was as I never had dugi guides before and the timing was the same but thank you.

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