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Thread: Coordinates Error - A Worthy Weapon

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    Default Coordinates Error - A Worthy Weapon

    I have found an error in the Argent Tournament section of the guide for the Aspirants' Quest "A Worthy Weapon". The guide's waypoint is way northwest in Icecrown for the Winter Hyacinths needed for the quest when in actuality they are located in far southwest Icecrown and far northwest Crystalsong forest

    Approximate actual coordinates:


    Icecrown (73, 73)
    Crystalsong Forest (21, 11)

    I just passed the Aspirant part, but hopefully this will help future guide users!

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    Update: The coordinates are correct in the Valiant's part of the guide, just not the aspirants.

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    Download and reinstall the guide again I have fixed this already a few days ago. thank you for reporting.

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