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Thread: no scholomance or dungeon in tanaris!

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    Unhappy no scholomance or dungeon in tanaris!

    I had picked up the quest for Scholomance but it isn't listed in the guide - nor the one in Tanarius.. Dundeon finder does't even list them in WOW dungeon finder. What am I not seeing? I quest alone and use the in game dungeon finder to hook up with groups but how can I do this with out the in game dungeon finder?


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    Not able to confirm if its in the dungeon finder or not because I don't have a character at that level but Scholomance is in the guide level 38-44

    can you upload some screenshot so I know exactly what you mean.

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    Sorry for the panic. Did do Zu 'Fala [spelling is probably wrong] in Tanaris. Fun dungeon. My girl is 54 - too high for Scholomance. But even my lower girls I can get WOW's dungeon finder to list it. I found the dungeon in your list and was able to follow which quests I finished and which ones not. Tomorrow I will look for Scholomance again in the guide. Than you so much for your patients.

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