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    Would it be possible to add an extra step at each training point to say "You will need to obtain the following materials in order to reach the next level of the profession " (ex. master to grand master) and give an approximate materials list? Sometimes when I am leveling my professions, I will go and buy all the mats I need and it would be helpful to not have to tally these up step by step. Also an option to see a list of materials still needed to reach the next profession training point (like master to grand master, etc).

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    It does have materials lists already, when you start the next "level" of your profession (master level, for example).

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    Hum...maybe I just overlooked them. Thanks for the correction there. Let me rephrase this a little. What about adding something like "Materials Still Required" That would look in your bags and bank and then look at what steps you still need and give you a list. This would be useful when picking up with leveling your processions on toons when you have stopped mid-stream due to running out of cash while leveling or stopped leveling the profession for awhile when you ran out of materials.

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