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Thread: I'm new to dungeons and loving it.

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    Cool I'm new to dungeons and loving it.

    I've been playing wow since soon after my stroke in 2005. Kids wanted me to have something to do to keep my mind active. But I never did dungeons because I don't have the ability to maneuver my characters because I have only the use of my left hand. As I had to be a lefty, it has taken some time to train the one hand to do things - even typing.

    I have a DK Alliance Draenei. I've actually took her into the Nexus and no one voted me off [a WOW thing I hate].

    Does anyone else have a dread of dungeons? I'd like to hear your stories.

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    I introduced my wife to dungeons just this past week, and she was afraid.. I mean full of FEAR.. "what if someone doesn't want me there and kicks me out?"

    So I grabbed a few guildies and ran until she got a handle of it..
    Now I can't keep her out of dungeons and she's trained herself to learn rotations from websites like elitist jerks and maxdps

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    Yea it sucks to be kicked out of a dungoen, but there is a great thing about it too!
    The queues are quite low at the moment, which means that even if you should get kicked out of one or two of them, you can just queue up for the next one. With so many people playing the game, you sadly can't avoid running into jerks telling you how bad you are at the game, but why would you ever care? Just ignore the small kids!

    A tip for you could be to tell the group that you are a little new to the game, and are trying to get a hand on it, so it would be nice if they could warn you about the worst dangers closing up. If people know that you are doing your best, (most of them) will try to help you.
    I've had several people telling my groups, things like that, and we've never kicked one

    My advice is always to be social with the nice people and ignore the jerks. Don't let them get you down !

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    I've only recently started to do dungeons as my first experience quite frankly sucked. My husband and I had joined a new guild and one of the first things they asked us to do was some dungeon runs..

    We told them we were both newbies to dungeons, and they said that's fine, just follow our instructions..

    At one stage they told us to hide behind a pillar so we did...

    Then we found out later that they were laughing at the 'noobs' for hiding on the trade channel..even mentioned us by name..

    We were only doing what they told us to do!! I guess they had a lovely laugh at our expense.

    I've started soloing dungeons just to get the practice in but my husband still won't try again.

    Sometimes WOW can be less than friendly eh.

    P.s..the dungeon guide has been really handy for me...but some of the updates to the game can be confusing as the dungeons themselves have changed.

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    Hey Kiwicouple! The same thing or close to it happened to me. Some players can be down-right mean. I have done the same as you,
    but it can't be a good idea as the dungeons are necessary for good equipment. As newbies (or any level) this shouldn't happen. I'm in NZ...perhaps we will meet someday. Wishing you the best

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    I am not new to dungeons as a whole but I am new to using the guide....As I understand it the map and/or text will auto load....Well I have yet to see the stair Graphic or the map work like the lvling guide...I know that Carbonite's Map might be a Problem but....

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    Good thing to remember about Raids/Dungeons is to know your character well. If you can handle your character your already mostly there. The other part is to have your gear properly fitted to your character and enchanted and socketed to the limits. You can still be kicked however, as I was kicked one time because some "child" didn't like it when I was winning the rolls for the gear he felt he should get.

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    Advice on dungeons-start by doing the level 15 ones and keep doin them on a character that you arent questing with-do dungeons at every level and you will learn -but there will ALWAYS be jerks (mostly younger people I have found) that have no idea of social or teaching, but there are many cool ones out there too-I guess with 11 Million subscribers you are gonna see all kinds

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