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Thread: PVP Dailies :(

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    Default PVP Dailies :(

    I decided to try the dailies guide this evening, and i must say i am impressed.

    The only problem i have with it is i find the guide getting me to do PVP dailies as part of the guides. This part i am not impressed with. I am not a PVP player, and getting ganked while trying to complete quests isn't fun. If i wanted to do that i would have join a PVP server.

    Please my intention is not to be rude, but to simply ask if there is a way to efficiently do the dailies in your guide without doing the PVP ones, cause trying to PVP as a Holy Spec is a PITA.

    Thanks for your great guides Dugi, love your work.

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    well you can just *not* to the PVP dailies, the reason we included Grizzly Hills quest is that it still give you 1000 rep for faction and you don't actually need to PVP to complete the quests. The ones that says to kill alliance/horde players you can complete it just by killing NPCs

    I'm sure there will be an Uproar if we have excluded it.

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