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Thread: Should I buy the Guide?

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    Default Should I buy the Guide?

    Hey everyone! So I have a question for all of you. I'm considering buying the last 2 guides that I dont have, the Dungeon/LOremaster Guide and the Dailies/Events guide. BUT I wanted to know if it was worth it at this point. I already have 4 85s, an 82, a 74, a 65 and 2 40s. Would it be worth it to buy the last 2 guides and round off the whole collection? I love these guies and they are excellent so I would hae no qualms about buying the guide, but Im worried that I wouldnt have a use for them because Im already so far along without them. So really I was just curious if you all think these guides are worth it even if I have all these high level toons already?

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    I have 8 85s and lots more coming up. I have ALL the guides and they are worth it completely.

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    Well if you are going to get them all to 85 I would get loremaster. That will offer alternative leveling paths so it isn't as boring. Dailies is handy if you're going to do any of the complicated sets of dailies like Argent Tournament.

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