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    Default Build 5.2140

    Where do i find these guides announced for this patch

    Event Guides •Added Hallow's End quest and daily quest guides

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    update to 5.2141

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    I had the same problem as you. These guides were not loaded into the ingame viewer, however the guides are there.

    If you open the guides in notepad you will see that Hallows_End_Daily_A.lua, Hallows_End_Quest_A.lua, Hallows_End_Daily_H.lua and Hallows_End_Quest_H.lua have a typo at the beginning.

    you need to change in the first line the first '_' character into ':' like this:
    from DugisGuideViewer_RegisterGuide into DugisGuideViewer:RegisterGuide
    the rest should remain the same.

    After these changes the ingame loader will recognise the guides correctly and will load them

    EDIT: or better, just update the guides
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    Thanks for that szsolt. Spot on.

    I had updated to the 5.2141 version but the Hallow's End Quests and Hallow's End Daily Quests guides weren't there.
    When I checked the .lua files I found that instead of a '_' character, both Alliance and Horde guides had a '|' character. After changing all 4 guides to a ':' character as you suggested they all worked! Yay!

    I was wondering if getting the 'Trick or Treat' quests was all there was to the Hallow's End Guide...glad it wasn't...

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