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Thread: Just the Vendor Run alone, WOOHOO!

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    Smile Just the Vendor Run alone, WOOHOO!

    I've been casually running the EK and Kalimdor vendor run, and already made well over 1K gold, just on the first go-through. It helped me find some areas that I likely never would have come across on my own. Thanks for a great guide!

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    i made 400K in 2 days.
    just a request, it could be buy items automatically.

    best regards from Turkey ^^

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    400,000g in 2 days?
    Wow, that's insane. I've done 600g in a single day but only have run the guide twice :P

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    Just did Kal side yesterday and collect 2892g, included multi item on recipes, 2 winterspring cubs and 60 plus netherweave bags. I do alot of netherweave bags on my horde server. Going to do all three and post items. Also, I still have 183 auction on the AH right now, some were reposts and some are still from yesterday. So for so good. Total gold earn on horde side include 1 day of vendor is 15952 gold and some change. Current gold on horde toon 7904. But about to buy mats for bags. I'll up date tomm.

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    Thought i'd give it a go. Did a complete run getting one of each in EK, Kal, and Outlands. First hr had over 1200g, 8hrs later I checked and had another 2000g. So far so good. So effortless.

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    What is the vendor run? Buying the vanity items/pets and limited supply items from vendors? Which video or which guide should I look at for this? Thanks

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    You need the Dailies Guide and in there, you'll find the Vendor Runs

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