I have been using Dugi's Guides since almost 6 months before Cataclysm launched and have seen constant improvements and innovations in design and functionalty. I love what the team have done to make levelling so easy. My guildies are amazed at how fast I level toons and at the thoroughness of my quest to reach 9000+ achievements. They are also amazed at how easily I make money doing things live the vendor run and speed dalies runs.

I used to think that taking 7 days to hit level 60 was pretty damn fast, but following Dugi's guide gets me to 85 in about 5 days (depending on class and professions). Super fast in anyones books. I have used other guides but find this one simple and easy to use. Hell even my 83 year old father can use it without problems!

Fast, simple to use, and full of features with constant free updates....... who could ask for more?

Bloody amazing guide chaps, keep up the great work!