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Thread: I hate Dugi

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    I have all of Dugi's guides and they have helped me immeasurably with my game play.Quite often,when you have a problem,asking a player in trade a question will get you a ton of snotty replies. With Dugi's guides,you almost never need to ask a question:All the info you need is at your fingertips,right on your screen.
    Perhaps you need to play a simpler game,or perhaps you work for a competitor,and are a troll.

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    I love dugi's guides and they are very user friendly. I have had some issues but all have been helped via this forum or direct support, following instructions and reinstalling. Like any computer program it can get its instructions jumbled from time to time and a reload is necessary.
    Good Job and keep it up.

    also did anyone noticed that travisdeeth has the banned label above its photo. Just a thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt View Post
    Nice try, Zygor.
    I'm sure Dugi got a kick out of this comment. You know what's even funnier, that might just be Zygor, or a lackey lol

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    Sorry you have had issues, I've been using his guides for an extreamly long time.
    Love the guides and the support from Dugi.

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    Competition is in trouble and starting to become desperate!

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    I have been playing WoW since the days immediately prior to the release of "Wrath of the Lich King"; if I remember right, I joined a few weeks before the Scourge Invasion world event. Since that period, I have tried a number of guides, ranging from Bri & Jo during the off-line days, through to the current period with the in-game addons. I have bought and used Zy's addon as well as the one from iDem (yes, actual names are shortened, but those with experience will recognize them.) However, the one that has proven to be of most use is Dugi's guide.
    Are his guides perfect? Hardly. I still run into points now and then with bad co-ordinates or steps out of order. However, Dugi's team has been good enough to quickly respond to just about every complaint I've had up to this point. That customer support is just one of the reasons I continue to highly recommend their product. And, yes, some of the guide's features can prove a little irritating; the world map that pops up every time a new step is reached can be a little irritating. But, despite the odd complaint, Dugi's is still the best that I've seen to date.

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    Quote Originally Posted by griezz View Post
    the world map that pops up every time a new step is reached can be a little irritating.
    Open you guide's options, go to map preview, and set the slider to 0

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    This makes you sound like a 10 year old troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt View Post
    Nice try, Zygor.
    This is exactly what I was going to comment. Kudos to you, my friend!

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    I also love Dugi Guides. Any problem is always answered & I can't imagine anyone being so rude. Before posting ask for help. It is always available.

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