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Thread: I hate Dugi

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    I am demanding my money back, and his bull**** system makes it appear that they are charging MORE to my account. I HATE this guide. This guide does NOT work. It is all BULL****. I will post this until my money returns. And by the way. My computer is fine. And my "skills" are also above the average user. If his lackeys continue to post crap I will not be surprised. DO NOT BUY HIS ****!

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    For your refund, please submit a ticket to

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    One can usually determine the caliber of a post by the language used by said scriber as an indicator of the intelligence of the poster... nothing more need be said regarding the efficacy of travisdeeth's post, other than we should feel sorry for someone who has the need to utter filth in a forum where young and old alike participate.

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    that guy is a pure fool... good job on banning

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    I don't understand where he is coming from, when I use Dugi's guides they seem complete and don't seem to have any issues with them at all. But anyways, oh well.

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    Yeah he obviously has no idea how to use the guides or even tried. If he did he could give us an actual problem instead of just trashing Dugi. I understand some people just wont like it and thats fine, go get your money back and try somewhere else. Don't just sit here and show how shallow minded you are.

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    it's what trolls do

    moderator ban hammer skill increased by 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf308 View Post
    it's what trolls do
    Stay away from de voodoo.

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    I don't often post but I just wanted to respond to this guy - these guides ARE good, they DO work. I now have 4 level 85 characters and I have two at level 84 and 82 that will make numbers 5 and 6.

    The steps are easy - the way the guide integrates itself into the default quest tracker is PURE WIN - I love it - it is never in your way and blends in with almost any UI compilation you choose to use - I have tested it with TukUI, Roth Diablo UI, Shestak UI and all work fine.

    After my 6th 85 I will focus on the professions and see how those are.

    To say this guide is BS is - well - BS - because I have the toons to prove it. I also own Z's and M's guides (shortened to not provide info on their products) and for leveling at least Dugi's is the best. I do like M's talents builds better - and I like M's keyboard layout manager and spell rotation manager - very nice - but I always use Dugi's for leveling. Z's gets in my way, and I am often left needing to "level up" - Z's often tells me to get a quest from an NPC, but I don't meet the level requirement - this never seems to happen to me with Dugi's.

    Cheers - great product - keep it up!

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    I have been using Dugi guides I bought another one to compare and Dugi guide is the BEST the other one doesn't even compare Im having fun with the min/BS skill now great.

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