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Thread: I hate Dugi

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    Angry I hate Dugi

    His guides are bunk. Features don't work half the time. And no surprise that this will be deleted soon. Do not buy this. He is full of ****.

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    I have not had any problem with Dugi Guides's Maybe you need a newer computer or an easier game to play.
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    pretty harsh his guides are great and they work fine some bugs sure but there fixed pretty easy maybe your just **** at the game or don't understand how the guides work even when there explained in detail.. Ive got 2 85s thx to dugi his guides are amazing and they continue to get better.

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    I love Dugi Guides - & have 5 lvl 85s with full professions - Thanks to Dugi Guides...

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    What features didn't work for you?
    Have you contacted Technical Support?
    I don't believe you have because I remember most people that contacted me and you are not one of them.
    Some addons may cause conflict with our guide and we are pretty good at resolving them in a timely manner.
    We apologize if you have not had a good experience with our guides, but you should try all available resources to seek help before making a statement.

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    Good call leaving this post up. Shows you believe in your product and are willing to give good service.

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    Nice try, Zygor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt View Post
    Nice try, Zygor.
    LOL Good call

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt View Post
    Nice try, Zygor.
    I'm sure Dugi got a kick out of this comment. You know what's even funnier, that might just be Zygor, or a lackey lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by gardibolt View Post
    Nice try, Zygor.
    This is exactly what I was going to comment. Kudos to you, my friend!

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