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Thread: Pre-Quests for Dungeons?

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    Default Pre-Quests for Dungeons?

    I just added the lore/dungeon leveling to my account. The reason is that I like dungeon leveling, and wanted a guide that would show me the various pre-requisite quests that occur prior to entering a dungeon.

    Does Dugi's do that? If not, what's the best way to handle this?


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    Yes it does include all ther pre-quest, the cataclysm dungeons typically doesn't need pre quest, (except for the level 20 and 50 class quests) but the Outland and Northrend Dungeons requires pre-quest.

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    Dugi, can you explain--or point me in the direction--of how to blend these quest chains into overall leveling?

    I started a draenai pally yesterday, and am currently lvl 15. Just got Dungeon Finder. Will the Guide tell me when to leave the Draenai area and head to Westfall, etc., for Deadmines? And then do the same thing for each of the dungeons? When I checked out the dungeons area in the in-game guide, it loaded up the quests WITHIN the dungeon, but not the "out of dungeon" quest chain.

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    Can anyone answer my question from above?

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    all dungeons have quests INSIDE the dungeon, not outside from Level 1-60, and 80-85

    Only the quests in Outland (60-70) and Northrend (70-80) have pre-quests, and the dungeon guide does guide you to where the quests are that are needed to complete.

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