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    Default Map Preview Location

    Would it be possible to move the map preview location to the lower right hand corner of the screen and mabe have the ability to re size and shrink it ? basically what I have done is move the blizz quest tracker/ guide window where the map preview was located and wanted to see about moving the map preview location ? I'll post a screenshot if I confused anyone

    That was the main reason I still use carbonite if we can somehow fix this then I will have no further use for carbonite and will stop using it

    EDIT I figured out how to move it now just gotta resize it
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    you will need an addon like Mapster to resize it.

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    You can also use Moveanything AddOn to move LOTS of different things within the game.

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    I currently use moveanything but cannot find the setting for that current map .

    I have tried mapster but it seems that I can configure it for that as well .

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