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    I have been leveling with the Horde guide, great guide but it needs a run through to correct a few things. It is telling me to get flight paths when I already have them(guess they now just give them to you without having to speak to the flight master first) and telling me to run to other places when I could just fly due to this same reason.

    Also I have had issue with the arrow not updating when I reach waypoints, though after switching to TomTom I have no longer had that issue. Also some steps don't have or don't detect when they are complete, which I don't know why, I have used another guide before and that one detects these things, not a huge deal but the guide could use a quick check over.

    Also when a quest gets auto accepted for some reason the quest window goes blank and does not allow me to read it most of the time. Please fix this.

    Thanks for the wonderful work and great guide, love it, and I am a believer!
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