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    Hey all,

    Just thought I would post my suggestion for the guide. Since I am an 85 already, I cannot queue into lower level dungeons. I would eventually like to get the achievements for the low dungeons, and the only reason I can't start now is because I have no idea where most of the entrances for them are. If, in the first step where it says Zone/Queue in could it include a waypoint to the zone area? This would make it a little simpler for me to get there and start doing older dungeons.



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    We have been meaning to do that, we will get on to it soon.

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    I'm doing the exact same thing!! Have managed to get through 3/4 of the dungeon list on my own, but having a waypoint, or at least even just a little text (ie. "tick this step") saying where the dungeon (lol) is would have been really helpful and eliminated all the tabbing out to google...

    Really hope you guys do this soon as I'm going to run all the dungeons on my other characters, too.

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    I have a suggestion.

    I have tanked/healed many a dungeon and found the guide superb -- the first time.

    I would love a feature where the route is shown when re-running (as in a random selection). The guide today notes the I have completed this dungeon and refuses to give me the sequence when running it a second time.

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