A massive THANK YOU Dugi for all your hard work and time you spent to create and to continual to create one of the best WoW in game guides out there. Without this guide I would have probably stopped playing ages ago. I really love the fact that it is a one of payment as well.

I have over time used many guides, free and paid for and even though there are the odd bugs (which I must add are quickly fixed when reported) Dugi Guides is now the only one I use. I have all products and just love them. I am one of those who continually search for the best and easiest way to quest as I hate going around in circles and the Dugi Guides are so easy to use. As I have often quested with many toons there are times I just need the guide to help me remember the best way to get somewhere or to do something. Now with the new mounts and companion guide I can finally find the ones I want easily.

Thank you again Dugi