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Thread: Question for Dugi

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    Lightbulb Question for Dugi

    ok dugi i have always been wondering how you got the hole set up of you on the Touring rocket flying past with the two people on it. How did you do that vid intro.

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    If it is the rocket I am thinking of, you get it when you refer a friend to the game and they pay for 3 months. You get ONE mount to give to any of your toons. Usually you would give it to the one you would be questing with the friend that you recruited to playing WoW. You dont have to but you can. That rocket (X-53 Touring Rocket) is a 2 seater just like the Motorcycle (Mekgineer's Chopper) mount is a 2 seater. It just does not Hope that answered your question.

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    i think he is referring to the dugi intro in his video how it shows the rocket mount speeding past dugis' name
    i guess he got a good intro designer to make it for him or he did it him self intros aren't hard to make if u no how to or know the right programs

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    It would take quite a long explanation to explain in detail

    you need to download program like WoW Modelviewer or Machinima Studio and you can record the animation with a green or blue background depending on the main color of your character..

    eg if your character is a bright green Orc its probably not a good idea to use a green background and use blue instead so the color filtering is more accurate.

    then I use Sony Vegas to do all my video editing which does the color filtering using the 'Chroma Keyer' effect and to make the character move is done by moving the camera itself while the actually rocket animation is in fact sitting still.

    here's a quick screenr clip that I made for you, I'm sorry its very rough and unscripted but I hope it helps.

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    Thanks for making that for me dugi. you are the man.

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